Bosch Coffee Maker

Coffee has always been a popular choice of drink, and many people look for a way to make professional tasting coffee at home. You do not need anything more than a Bosch coffee maker to make an excellent cup of coffee.
Bosch has always produced top quality coffee makers and their newest invention is no different. When you need a machine that makes a great tasting beverage each and every time, it's best to go with Bosch.
Their newest machine not only brews excellent coffee, but over 35 other hot drinks as well. It’s called the Bosch Tassimo and it’s a top of the line piece of kitchen equipment. The fantastic German engineering behind this coffee maker ensures that the beverage is produced perfectly every single time.
Coffee drinkers need to be able to make excellent coffee at home, but with very little knowledge or expertise. The Tassimo allows you to produce perfect drinks at the touch of a button. You do not have to do anything other than select your drink, place the T-disc in the machine, and press the button.

What is a T-disc and how do they work? 

The single serve T-discs contain all the ingredients for each drink, and when placed in the machine, a perfect beverage is created, all with ideal water temperature and brewing time. In less than one minute, you can have professional tasting coffee, tea, café mocha, café latte, hot cocoa, latte macchiato and many more.
Each T-disc is printed with a unique barcode that the machine reads to determine which drink to make. You can find T-discs made by your favorite brands like Starbucks, Gevalia, Suchard, Twinnings Tea, and more. Hold all your T-discs in a countertop carousel for easy and attractive storage.
How does the Tassimo make different drinks?
The Tassimo is capable of making 35 different drinks all of them unique and delicious. Every time a different T-disc is placed in the coffee maker, the coffee maker settings change for that drink type. For drinks such as Lattes and Cappuccino's the Bosch coffee maker will recognize that two separate T-discs are required and will prompt you to insert the second one.
Pure and clean water is essential to a great tasting cup of joe, and the Bosch coffee maker provides that with replaceable water filters located in the 67 oz. water cylinder. They are cost effective to replace as well, which is an important factor to consider.
The unique brew platform not only has 3 illuminating lights but also allows you to use different size cups. It will even fit tall to-go mugs for those early morning commutes.
All machines by Bosch are provided with a 1 year warranty and all repairs and problems will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Many of the drinks that you can make with your Tassimo coffee maker are leading brands, and this ensures that you only receive top quality coffee and teas. Whether you want a Starbucks house blend coffee, or a Twinning's English Breakfast Tea, you can have it in less than 2 minutes with the Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker.

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